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Website Design and Data Extractions

By Dave Johnstone

PixieWare Software Products and Services

PixieWare Software has Solutions and Services that will connect you easily, quickly, and reliably to PICK data (which includes major DMS systems - ADP), and also to the Internet resource where data is allowed to be shared and reused. The solutions offered are also inexpensive to set-up and use. We also design and build user friendly, and an efficient website.

WebSite development (Web I.T.)

We will develop a hand-coded (editor written) website, which is not template based. It will be inexpensive to create and set-up, and will be a good looking, professionally developed, user-friendly website. With a flexible page layout and construction, the customer is in control from start to finish. The website is not tied to any particular web-host or template design it will be tailored to your requirements. The latest HTML, CSS and Java-scripts are employed with the greatest effect. See our special website development offer.

Data extractions from the Web (Dig I.T.)

PixieRobot, our programmable software utility, which you can use to perform routine web-scraping tasks on command. PixieRobot operates automatically in an unattended mode with precision, against most forms of targeted websites.

PixieRobot is a web robot, a program that visits websites, reads the pages, inspects the HTML, processes instructions or rules written in VBScripts, extracts data, and saves the data in another more structured format. PixieRobot only visits the pages needed, making the extraction process more efficient and productive, as only targeted data is collected. PixieRobot harnesses the full power of Internet Explorer (IE), making it difficult for a web server to distinguish between it and a human user.

PixieRobot can extract pictures and text from Web pages, and tabular and non-tabular data, including html, and has the ability to automate FORM submits.

The data gathered from the web can be stored on a local machine for subsequent processing, for example, storing dynamically in a database, or, sending to another system via email or FTP.

PixieRobot uses VBScript to control its unique command set.

Data extractions from PICK and DMS systems (e.g. D3 | U2 | ADP | IDS | MvBase | UltPlus)  (Dig I.T.)

PixieWeb is a toolkit for moving data in and out of telnet server data stores. The core of the product is our COM connectivity object making this a "socket with attitude". It connects to the main telnet TCP/IP port(s) of an PICK Server (inc. ADP) in a way similar to terminal emulators. So you get the reliability, speed and familiarity of that rock-solid time-honored connection method, enhanced by a command set specifically designed to process and manipulate PICK-style commands (TCL, English) and PICK data.

Use the PixieWeb DLL for extracting data from, or placing data into, most PICK servers. But Since it is not possible to directly execute its DLL (it requires an EXE for the operating system to load it through its entry point), if there is not a host application to run PixieWeb, then we use PixieRobot as the host application.

Other Uses of PixieRobot

PixieRobot can be used as a Console to run any VBscript, whether or not it is data extract oriented, such as reading or updating files or data bases (e.g. MySQL, Excel, Word), processing strings of data in general, and many other repetitive and useful administrative tasks.

Data extraction Outsourcing Services

PixieWare Software can write Internet or PICK extract scripts on your behalf. The scripts are yours to keep so you can run as many times as required. You are charged a one-off fee for developing the programs (VBScripts), NOT per transaction extracted, or any form of on-going fees.

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Designed and built by: Designed and built by PixieWare Software website design, data extractions from PICK / ADP / The WEB

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Website Build Package
Creation of website (maximum 5 pages). Price: CDN$350 per website, $100 of fee due as an up-front downpayment, and $250 of fee due on project completion. Package does not include any additional external fees related to the project (e.g.):

  • Domain-name registration fee (annual fee)
  • Website hosting fee (monthly or annual fee)
  • Email-accounts processing fee (if relevant, a monthly or annual fee)
  • Any other fee related to domain name re-location or change of name server
website design, data extractions from PICK / ADP / The WEB

Turn your WEB vision into reality!